Sediment cartridge filters


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The Sediment pre-filter of Filter Cartridge is a fine (1 or 5 micron) mechanical filter to trap large particles in the water, and some bacteria.
The Active Carbon of Filter Cartridge uses highly activated carbon to remove organics, pesticides, etc., from the water, in addition to neutralizing any chlorine in the water.

Active Carbon Filter (Filter Cartridge):
* Active Carbon Filter (Filter Cartridge) is efficient Removal of Chlorine, Sediment, and Organic Chemicals
* Active Carbon Filter (Filter Cartridge) fits Most Standard Residential and Commercial Filter Housings
* Active Carbon Filter (Filter Cartridge) can extend the Ro System Life
* Active Carbon Filter (Filter Cartridge) is the ideal product for Residential and Commercial Applications

Sediment Filter (Filter Cartridge)
* Sediment Filter (Filter Cartridge) can enhanced Dirt Holding Capacity
* Sediment Filter (Filter Cartridge) can extended Life
* Sediment Filter (Filter Cartridge) is easy and safe Cartridge Incineration and Disposal
* Sediment Filter (Filter Cartridge) is the ideal product for use as pre-treatment to a RO Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

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