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Hydrogen generator's introduce

Hydrogen generator's introduce

Since the Japanese Prime water cup whirlwind blew into China, with constant hydrogen saga, hydrogen rich water bottle of domestic products more and more. The water in the water (hydrogen rich water) for bath, foot massage, easy implementation of hydrogen rich water and health care. There are a lot of people have benefited, but lots of people will ask. Hydrogen rich water is true? A famous Japanese water expert Lin Xiuguang MD, "the water of life," a Book of detoxification of hydrogen rich water (correlationofthefindingsofplainradiography) are systematically described with active hydrogen water is a true friend of human health reasons.2 Since 2007 the Japanese scholars published hydrogen effect medical research and many scholars have carried out research on hydrogen treatment of disease, published a series of research papers. From the angle of human study, a double-blind controlled clinical study demonstrated that the hydrogen water on the metabolic syndrome, diabetes, treatment of Parkinson disease Effect of long-term research. Diving medicine shows that even breathing high-pressure hydrogen also no obvious adverse effect. Thirdly, hydrogen has the advantages of simple structure, reaction products with free radicals are simple, and the reaction of hydroxyl radicals such as water, excess hydrogen can be excreted through the breath, with no residue, which is obviously different from other antioxidants. Reduction of hydrogen is relatively weak, only with strong activity and strong toxicity of reactive oxygen and reactive oxygen reaction, reaction plays an important role in the signal, which is the basis for hydrogen selective oxidation. The drinking water activated hydrogen has a very good effect. Hydrogen rich water will become the "king of water important products to protect human health.

The rapid development of medical research China hydrogen, many famous academic institutions such as Second Military Medical University, The Fourth Military Medical University, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Xi'an Jiao Tong University, Taishan Medical University, Medical University Of Tianjin, Xiehe Hospital, Tiantan hospital and Beijing University of Technology participated in this field of research, has won the National Natural Science Foundation of more than 50, published more than and 300 academic papers. International clinical trials and more than 600 scientific papers research results show that hydrogen health and beauty effect, effectively improve at least 73 kinds of diseases, China hydrogen water leader of Second Military Medical University professor Sun Xuejun also published < who said that hydrogen medicine is deceptious? > Bowen professor Tada Nario as the water stress levels. The article points out that the anti academic dispute is not selective, should objective the two views are put out is more important There is evidence to be made and not just a simple claim. It is clear that water is not pseudoscience.

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